He’s been attached for over a year now, without much indication of how far off the movie itself is, but David Slade has just hinted who his preferred lead is for the DAREDEVIL reboot. Having worked with him on the ace vampire thriller 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, Josh Hartnett could play blind lawyer-turned-superhero Matt Murdock, if Slade gets his way.

The original and tepid Ben Affleck-starring film was perhaps only notable for a star-making turn by Colin Farrell as villain ‘Bullseye’. Mark Steven Johnston was the man in charge that time (who also dropped the ball with another Marvel franchise, GHOST RIDER, a few year later). Slade would certainly give a darker take on the story, considering he’s responsible for the aforementioned vampire bloodbath, as well as hard-hitting, paedophile nail-biter HARD CANDY… Oh and THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE, but we can forgive him one misstep.

As for Josh Hartnett, he’s been rather quiet of late.  Actually he’s been absent from our cinema screens since working with Slade in 2007 (with only a few straight-to-DVD efforts over the last few years). However, we expect him back later this year with Roland Joffe’s action-adventure SINGULARITY, opposite the lovely Neve Campbell. So he needs a hit really.

Slade give this little bit of info, when a fan tweeted the director about about the long-in-development project, which he was kind enough to reply. Still, where the project’s at, god knows. The fact 20th Century Fox owns the rights, and not Marvel is not helping.

Source: Twitter