The dreaded Platinum Dunes TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES reboot has reportedly been put on hold. Cue a huge fanboy sigh of relief the world over – but don’t get too excited as production has only been put back ten weeks, and has been rescheduled for a May 2014 release date.

The popular Ninja Turtles  – seen in numerous poor film adaptations over the years – is the latest beloved franchise targeted by Michael Bay’s production outfit, and all set for a creative overhaul (in other words: pissed on, stripped, and sold for parts). This new version – in which the Turtles will bebrought to life by motion capture – is set to ‘re-imagine’ the heroes in a half shell as aliens. It will be directed by Jonatahn Liebesman, the man behind WRATH OF THE TITANS (oh dear).

Whilst no major reason has been given for the production delay, fans of the Turtles can only be hoping the project is called off permanently.

Source: ComingSoon