Ridley Scott is threatening an extra 20-30 minutes for the Blu-ray version of PROMETHEUS, and here’s a shot presumably taken from one of the scenes – an alternative view of the film’s opening sequence.

Like most of Scott’s film, the image – in which a previously unseen and aging ‘Engineer’ lurks in the background – screams ‘What does it all mean?’ Considering the 124 minutes that did make the final had very little coherent meaning, the answer is most likely ‘bugger all’. If it does have some relevance to the overall story, the question has to be asked – why omit it in the first place? Especially as the the eagerly-awaited PROMETHEUS was riddled with plot holes and frustratingly unanswered questions…

Still, for those who liked it or care, here’s the image in all its glory. Hands up who preferred them when they were dead elephant-style aliens.

Source: Collider