USAopoly have released a THE GODFATHER (1972) themed version of their classic board game Monopoly, to coincide with the film’s 40th anniversary. You can be sure it’s going to be fun for the whole family, but you’re going to have to add your own terrible impersonations and quotes. As always with these games, you can expect the usual game pieces redesigned to suit the theme. I know what you’re all wondering and the answer is yes, you can be the horse’s head. Other changes are also fairly amusing, with Chance and Community Chest cards now renamed Friends and Enemies, with directions such as ‘You pledge your “Ever Ending Loyalty” to the Don & Contribute to the bridal purse of his daughter. (And may their first child be a masculine child). Pay $50’.

There are also some interesting new rules, such as ‘Don’ cards, which give you a special ability that can be used once during the game, such as kidnapping an opponent and dropping them off elsewhere on the board.

THE GODFATHER is certainly suited to such a ruthless game, as Monopoly always turns people into crooks and family members against each other. View the official images and video below plus…buy it here:

Source: Collider