We’ve had quite a few posters for explosive action-packed sequel EXPENDABLES 2. This however seems to be the first to showcase the entire cast together. Stallone’s Barney Ross is once again assembling his crack team of colourful characters, albeit with a few added extra. There are meatier roles this time, for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. While newcomers to the franchise, include fellow action icons, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris as well as THE HUNGER GAMES’ Liam Hemsworth.

CON AIR and TOMB RAIDER director Simon West takes over Stallone as the man in charge. The first film, while being a huge fan of a number of the stars’ other action adventures, was not the jaw-dropping spectacle we were promised, in fact this writer thought it was piss poor. Hopefully the sequel will up the ante and improve upon the original once released on the 17th August.

Source: Yahoo Movies