We have two treats from 2 DAYS IN NEW YORK, the Julie Delpy written and directed sequel to her 2007 effort 2 DAYS IN PARIS. Since the events of that film Marion (Julie Delpy) is no longer with Jack, and is now living in America with her boyfriend Mingus (Chris Rock). When her family come to visit you can expect a wide range of gags focussing on the culture clash between America and France.

Chris Rock appears to be in restrained mode, which I find more effective for films as opposed to his loud stand-up. The humour here is quite broad, with those awkward moments we’re all familiar with. Viewers in the UK were able to see this theatrically from 18th May, but it is yet to be released in the US.

2 DAYS IN NEW YORK is directed by and stars Julie Delpy, with support from Chris Rock, Albert Delpy, Alexia Landeau, and Dylan Baker. It will be available in the US On Demand on 6th July, with a limited theatrical run starting 10th August.

Source: ComingSoon