Wally Pfister, the cinematographic genius behind the camera of BATMAN BEGINS, THE DARK KNIGHT and INCEPTION – for which he won an Oscar – is set to make his directorial debut with an as yet untitled project. All we know is the film will be based on a screenplay by Jack Paglen, who is also a first-timer, and will be executively produced by Christopher Nolan, the little-know director of a couple of half-decent films.

This news is exciting as along with Nolan’s films Pfister has also lent his unmistakeable camera work to MONEYBALL and THE ITALIAN JOB (admittedly not great but it looked very nice) so we know it’ll look great and we’ll be intrigued by this whenever it may appear. What do you think? He’s not the first to move from being the man actually behind the camera to being a bit farther back with a megaphone so how will he get on?

Source: First Showing