For some of our younger readers, THE MUNSTERS may not be all that familiar. For those who don’t know, it tells the story of Herman Muntser and his bizarre family, whose appearances recall some of cinema’s best-known monsters. Despite appearances, they are a good old fashioned American family, and perfectly nice – think a far more cartoonish ADDAMS FAMILY.

Though it originally ran from 1964-1966, THE MUNSTERS is sort of property ripe for remaking – brand name value, kitsch concept, and appealing to the current horror-friendly market (hello, TWILIGHT). It has also been rehashed countless times before in TV movies and updated versions of the actual series.

What makes the new version interesting – this time renamed MOCKINGBIRD LANE (the family’s iconic address) – is the talent involved. Firstly, the pilot has been written by acclaimed TV scribe Bryan Fuller and is to be directed by fanboy favourite Bryan Singer. It will also feature Jerry O’Connel as Herman, Portia de Rossi as his wife Lily, Eddie Izzard as Grandpa, and Charity Wakefield as the Munsters’ relatively normal cousin, Marilyn.

It’s easy to scoff at these types of reboots, but this could be one to watch out for.

Check out these images of Izzard and Wakefield as Grandpa and Marilyn respectively, tweeted by Fuller. Of course, what we’re really waiting for is a snapshot of O’Connel in the Herman get-up…

More updates as we get them!

Source: Twitter