The fifth entry in the RESIDENT EVIL franchise, RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION has a new trailer. They may not be critical darlings but they’ve certainly done well enough box office wise. I sort of tuned out after number three, but this looks very interesting. Mainly for how absolutely insane it all looks. The film once again has Milla Jovovich kicking ass and throwing stuff at the screen, because once again we’re in 3D territory. Jovovich’s  husband Paul W.S. Anderson returns to direct his third outing (he scripted but didn’t helm parts 2 and 3).

The trailer starts off fantastically by acting as a romantic drama. This would have been a surprise but with five films in ten years, I only ever associate Jovovich with the role of Alice. Still, it’s a neat little trick which will work well in the cinema. After that it’s all loud noises and confusing visuals. There seems to be an Agent Smith-like character, and Michelle Rodriguez returns despite having been killed in the first film. The title cards read ‘What if it all never existed?’ suggesting a convoluted fake reality plot.

Although the games themselves always managed to mix action and genuine horror, I think it’s best for these films to focus on the mindless action. No sense in bringing in some real dread until a lower budget reboot down the line. The 3D is bound to be used in a gimmicky fashion which I think personally is the best way to use 3D.

RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION stars Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, and Kevin Durand. It will be released on 28th September.

Source: First Showing