“You wait. You lay low. Then you come to life.” – Carrie Mathison

HOMELAND was one of the most tense, twisting and intelligent TV events that we’ve seen for a long, long time. The trials and tribulations of Marine Sergeant Nicolas Brody (Damian Lewis) up against Golden Globe winner Claire Danes and her psychologically unbalanced, yet brilliant, Carrie Mathison, was utterly intense viewing.  One of the best things about HOMELAND was its ability to make you question motive against what you many usually call ‘rational’. Alongside this, it raised queries about faith but never preached…instead, letting the viewer try to decide where they stood on the thin line between right and wrong.

In many senses, the end of Season One did conclude story lines but more cleverly, it launched a whole new explosion of possibility…well, no explosion (this time) but an undoubted desire for more. Finally, we now have some teaser trailers but beware; they’re definitely teasers…just to get the heartbeat skipping a beat again. Watch below and then let us know what you’re looking forward to:

Source: Showtime