Yes! No! Well, not really. Ian McShane, who is currently starring alongside Nick Frost in SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN, is to take on the role of Frost’s dancing teacher in upcoming Brit-flick comedy CUBAN FURY.

Both McShane and Frost feature as dwarves in the remake of the fairytale classic so turning to salsa dancing is a big change. CUBAN FURY focuses on Frost’s character, a negative and bored-of-life man who falls in love with his new, American boss (played by Rashida Jones). So, to impress her, what does he do? He rediscovers his passion for salsa dancing. Why doesn’t he just buy her some flowers?

McShane has experience working in comedies, after lending his voice to the creepy animation CORALINE and fun family film KUNG FU PANDA.

Frost conjured up the idea with friend Jon Brown (who has written episodes of MISFITS and AFTER YOU’VE GONE), who has written the script. As for the role of director, James Griffiths has taken on the challenge (he’s had experience directing TV series EPISODES and UP ALL NIGHT). The film is being produced by Big Talk Pictures, which gave us ATTACK THE BLOCK and PAUL (both starring Frost), making sure that CUBAN FURY is a thoroughly British affair.

CUBAN FURY, directed by James Griffiths, is currently filming.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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