For many of us here at THN HQ, THE HUNGER GAMES was seen as a mixed bag. The film wasn’t at all bad, with assured direction from Gary Ross and an outstanding actress as the lead in Jennifer Lawrence. Suzanne Collins’ first novel was especially known for its brutal ferocity, which made it such a fascinating and controversial subject matter. This was perhaps the film’s only major flaw (along with those silly looking CGI wolf-like beasts). Lionsgate Films appeared to want to tone the violence down, in order to make sure it reached as many people as possible…and it worked, with the film just this week, passing the $400 million mark in the US.

Sequel CATCHING FIRE was announced even before THE HUNGER GAMES was released, with I AM LEGEND director Francis Lawrence taking over the departing Ross on directing duties.  All of the major cast members are returning, so could the follow-up surpass the franchise opener? The brilliant Oscar-winner Philip Seymour Hoffman may just have made it possible, having just been offered the role of…Plutarch Heavensbee…hey, it’s a catchy name. Heavensbee will be the new Gamesmaker after Wes Bentley’s Seneca’s suggested demise at he finale of the first film.

So what do fans think of Hoffman possibly joining THE HUNGER GAMES franchise, as always we’d love to know.

Source: Inside Movies

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