SNL star, and one third of musical comedy trio, The Lonely Island, Andy Samberg, will star opposite Welsh comedian, Greg Davies (THE INBETWEENERS), in the forthcoming six-episode BBC Three series, CUCKOO. BBC Three targets 16-34 year olds, and they have obviously cottoned on to the immense popularity garnered by Mr Samberg from this demographic. His SNL skits and musical parodies with The Lonely Island, as well as Greg Davies’s appearance in THE INBETWEENERS could mean they have a sufficient potential audience before the show is even broadcast.

The first episode of the show sees Ken (Davies), and Lorna (Helen Baxendale), go to collect their daughter (Tamla Kari) from the airport, after her gap year away. They are epically peeved then, when they discover she is not alone. Her new husband, Cuckoo (Samberg) – a ‘squared-jawed, self-appointed spiritual ninja’ – is with her, and he is here to stay, much to Ken and Lorna’s chagrin. We are assuming all sorts of ludicrous situationally comedic moments, hilarious mishaps, and cringeworthy misunderstandings occur as this weird bunch attempt to co-exist.

CUCKOO, which is co-written by Robin French (TRINITY) and Kieron Quirke (ROOMMATES), and executively produced by Ash Atalla (THE IT CROWD), starts filming this summer, with it due to reach our screens towards the end of the year.

Source: THR