Whilst known for his own vivid and controversial novels LESS THAN ZERO, AMERICAN PSYCHO and THE RULES OF ATTRACTION (each adapted into acclaimed films), it may come as a surprise that Bret Easton Ellis is wanting to adapt another novelist’s work for the big-screen. The news coincidentally comes just as my wife is whisking through not only the first novel of the erotic exploits of the kinky duo in E. L. James’ best-seller FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, but the two follow-up novels (‘Fifty Shades Darker’, ‘Fifty Shades Freed’). The books, notorious for their graphic depiction of the S & M scene, has billionaire¬†Christian Grey awaken the sexual inner-instincts¬†of young virgin Annastacia Steele.

The books are becoming as popular as THE TWILIGHT SAGA and THE HUNGER GAMES, although the explicit nature makes them not exactly aimed at the ‘young adult’ section. Apparently you can’t go anywhere without someone mentioning that they’re reading the ‘rumpy-pumpy’ tale. So says the wife anyway. Sounds like Mills & Boon for those with love of fetish to me. Anyway it’s keeping her quiet for now. Should I be worried people… please let me know!

Easton Ellis is meeting with Universal and Focus Features, who have bought the rights, next week to discuss the project.

Source: THR