So BRANDED appears to be a film like no other; it revolves around a ploy to control the consumer (that’s you and me) by mind manipulation – a bit like The Riddler in BATMAN FOREVER, only better. During a time in which we may feel slightly like this is actually happening (BIG MAC), when items could be forced into us subliminally (BIG MAC), whilst we’re watching Phil Mitchell get off his trolley on EASTENDERS (BIG MAC), this could be a great success for all involved…(BIG MAC, BIG MAC).

In a twist that is likely to continue in future trailers, there are in built QR codess, which if scanned with a smart phone using the correct application will take you to wonderful places… well, the Internet. The film stars Max Von Sydow, Jeffrey Tambor (legend) and Ed Stoppard and I strongly suggest you get your smart phone out, grab a big-mac and digest this treat:

BRANDED is due for release in the good ol’ U S of A in September with no word on a UK release. Bleedin’ studios get it over here!!

Source: YouTube

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