Just days after winning the Palm d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, Michael Haneke’s AMOUR has broken out with a trailer and a release date for the U.S.

AMOUR tells the story of a couple in their eighties, whose love for each other is tested when the wife suffers a stroke. The French film was the second top prize Cannes win for Michael Haneke, a director who is no stranger to the Cannes Film Festival. Already winning one Palm d’Or in 2009 for his film THE WHITE RIBBON, he also received the Grand Jury Prize for THE PIANO TEACHER in 2001 and Best Director for CACHE in 2005.

The announcement of the 19th December release date for the film in the U.S came as no surprise yesterday from Sony Pictures Classics. With last year’s Palm d’Or winner THE TREE OF LIFE being nominated for Best Picture, the award season release of AMOUR has sent hints that Sony is hoping for a similar fortune for the French film.

Check out the very powerful and dramatic trailer for AMOUR below:

Source: Collider