Some of our older readers may recall the political series HOUSE OF CARDS from the small screen back in 1990. Adapted from the the novel by Andrew Hobbs, it was a political thriller following the demise of Thatcher that received critical and popular acclaim throughout the UK. This new version will be broadcast and backed exclusively by Netflix and none other than top director David Fincher, will take on the pilot that’s been written by Beau Willimon who recently found success with Clooney-led THE IDES OF MARCH.

HOUSE OF CARDS will star the excellent Kevin Spacey as a “wily, murderous politician worming his way to the White House” in Washington. We’re very intrigued by Fincher getting his teeth into the political world fictionally and who better than Spacey to flip effortlessly between charming and unscrupulous…like every politician…I hear from the back?

Netflix have reported that they will back 2 seasons of 13 episodes on each run and it’ll stream through their subscription service, the series will also star Robin Wright. In the meantime, check out this first image and we’re sure to hear a lot more into 2013.

Source: EW