We all know Emma Watson is stylish, but no one has ever seen her this glammed up for a role. Here’s a sneak peek of her playing one of the gang of real-life fashion and fame crazed teenagers who stole from the houses of celebrities in Sofia Coppola’s upcoming movie THE BLING RING.

THE BLING RING has been described as a youthful yet very real look at modern culture and celebrity and luxury brand obsession. To prepare for the role, Watson admitted that she went straight to the source to gain some inspiration.

“I just watched a ton of reality TV. I was doing an English course [at Brown University]. So I would go from reading Virginia Woolf to watching Kim Kardashian. I kind of loved it, this mix of super-high and super-low culture. I think it was a nice balance.”

The date of release is yet to be announced, but one thing is for sure. Adding the Coppola twist to the theme of fame and luxury is sure to be a good mix. Definitely a movie to look out for this year.

Source: Entertainment Weekly