“Four score and seven years ago… I had some fang-tastic bloody adventures”. Well, that’s what novelist-turned screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith would have you believe of legendary 16th US President Abraham Lincoln. Dividing his time between making iconic speeches, slave liberating, the American Civil War, duties as a husband and father as well as trips to the theatre…and for this new history/horror biopic – add vampire hunting!

Based on Grahame-Smith’s own novel, ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER will depict the death of his mother as a child – the work of bloodsuckers. Thus making it a personal mission to drive a stake through the heart or an axe to the head of every remaining creature of the night. Hopefully the film will be an enjoyable hit, with WANTED and NIGHTWATCH director Timur Bekmambetov collaborating with Gothic producer Tim Burton.

THN has an all-new trailer showing Lincoln at work dispatching the fanged evildoers, with his arsenal of bad-ass weaponry. Check it out:

ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER hits cinemas on the revised date of 20th July with newcomer Benjamin Walker as the iconic, bearded good ol’ Abe. The remaining cast includes Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Anthony Mackie, Rufus Sewell, Dominic Cooper, Martin Csokas and Alan Tudyk.

Source: Comingsoon