THE AVENGERS is still raking in millions but Marvel have their eyes on their next installments, namely IRON MAN 3 and THOR 2. Small plot details have been circulating for a while now and today we have a few new pieces for our superhero jigsaw.

First up, THOR 2. It’s known that Tom Hiddleston will be returning in some capacity as Loki (most recently seen getting the crap beaten out of him by Hulk) but CASINO ROYALE star Mads Mikkelsen is in talks to join the cast as an unnamed villain. If he’ll steal Loki’s crown as lead bad guy, team up or be completely unconnected is unclear. More news as it comes in.

Meanwhile, IRON MAN 3 is also adding a villain to their cast. Ashley Hamilton (star of 1993 canine classic BEETHOVEN’S 2ND) is rumoured to feature as Firepower. Means nothing to me either so let’s consult Wikipedia together:

Jack Taggert worked on an experimental pilotable suit for Project: Firepower for Edwin Cord (the rival businessman of Tony Stark). The project was ostensibly designated by the U.S. Armed Forces to serve as an ultimate deterrent against opponents of the United States. However, when Iron Man launched his ‘Armor Wars’, attacking armored villains and even government agents without provocation, the Firepower program was modified with the specific goal of stopping Iron Man.

Thanks, Internet! Firepower’s character will tie in to the previously announced plotline based around the ‘Extremis’ IRON MAN mini-series. In order to defeat a dangerous terrorist figure known as Mallen, Tony Stark undergoes the Extremis process — a military nanotechnology serum meant to replicate the effects of the Super Soldier Serum used to produce Captain America — essentially making him a cyborg without having to wear his actual Iron Man suit. How much of this plot will be used outright is unclear, but it’s all we have so far!

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