Robin Williams will lead an all-star cast in upcoming comedy THE ANGRIEST MAN IN BROOKLYN. The plot is described as ‘the story of a stand-in doctor who mistakenly tells an obnoxious patient he has 90 minutes to live. The medic tries desperately to locate the man after her comments sends him on a contrite tour of the city to right all the wrongs in his life.’

Joining the MRS. DOUBTFIRE star are Melissa Leo, Mila Kunis, Peter Dinklage and Darth Vader himself… James Earl Jones. The supporting cast are an A-Team of dramatic and comedic acting talent, giving a glimmer of hope to a new Williams vehicle when so many others have crashed and burned. FIELD OF DREAMS director Phil Alden Robinson may be able to return Williams to his former glory, working with a script by Daniel Taplitz.

With Williams’ character believing to have just 90 minutes left to live, it’s likely the Brooklyn-based comedy will take place in real-time which definitely brings something new to the table. Filming is expected to begin this September.

Source: Coming Soon