News is surfacing that Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy have both signed on to star in a new buddy comedy – and they’ll be taking direction from Paul Feig, the man behind the smash-hit BRIDESMAIDS (2011).

Bullock is set to play a seriously stressed but determined FBI agent, while McCarthy will play a relaxed, care-free Boston police officer. The pair are partnered up to track down and bring to justice an infamous Russian gangster. Just from this tiny plot line you can tell comedy will ensue, especially with McCarthy on-board who was nominated for an Oscar for her role in BRIDESMAIDS – that’s how funny she is!

Bullock has had very little screen time recently, so it’ll be good to see her get back in the game (her last major role was in 2009’s THE BLIND SIDE). However, she has plenty of experience handling a gun as she starred as a police officer in MISS CONGENIALITY (2000) and MURDER BY NUMBERS (2002). As for Feig, he’s also known for directing several episodes of TV series NURSE JACKIE, comedy masterpiece THE OFFICE and US hit ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. With this trio working together it’ll be exciting to see what they produce.

Source: Variety