Last week THN looked at the line-up for a prospective Justice League of America movie. With MARVEL’S AVENGERS ASSEMBLE taking $1 billion worldwide, the chances that DC Comics will follow suit with a JLA movie have increased significantly. Whilst it’s all hearsay at the moment, what is for certain – and was always inevitable – is that Marvel is moving forward with AVENGERS 2, with a potential release date of summer 2014.

So what does AVENGERS 2 have in store? Details are obviously sparse right now, but we do know there are further IRON MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA and THOR movies scheduled for production beforehand – could this open doors for other characters from the Marvel universe? By the time the AVENGERS sequel rolls around, the team may be assembling brand new members. After all, the comic version of the superhero squad is forever changing, and with Marvel Studios perfecting the ‘crossover’, commonsense dictates more super-folk will join the party.

Here’s a quick rundown of the ten (alright, twelve) characters THN would most like to see added to the Avengers…


Demigod, adventurer, and all-round hairy hardnut.

Super Powers: Superhuman strength, stamina, and durability. What would you expect from the Olympian God of Strength and Labour?

Avengers History: Joining the team in 1967, Hercules has fought alongside the Avengers on-off ever since (even copping off with Black Widow for a brief period – saucy devil).

Assemble This: After Kenneth Brannagh’s THOR proved Shakespeare-in-the-park lingo and fantasy-based action can work on-screen, Hercules could be an interesting character to throw into the mix. The larger-than-life Hercules would be an ideal opponent-come-super buddy for either Thor or Hulk. Or both, preferably – the kind of three way smackdown that fanboys can only dream of. Though perhaps a left-field choice, following the success of THOR, Hercules could be a contender.


Insect-sized husband and wife, Dr Hank and Janet Pym.

Super Powers: The ability to reduce in size, fly, communicate with insects, and fire bio-electric blasts.

Avnegers History: Overlooked for the first AVENGERS movie, the Pyms are in fact founding members, and remained with various incarnations of the team over the years. Though Janet is now deceased, Hank is the head of Avengers Academy.

Assemble This: Well-deserving of a place in the team, the duo can offer skills the other Avengers can’t – squeezing into small spaces and proving difficult targets for cumbersome villains. And after the top-notch banter between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner in AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, eggheads are in this season. Good news for Dr Hank, who invented the serum which turns him and the missus into tiny heroes (and then later into the giant… erm, Giant-Man). With Edgar Wright still teasing a potential Ant-Man solo movie, the Pyms could be a likely addition to the AVENGERS sequel.


AKA Logan AKA Weapon X. The best there is at what he does, and Marvel’s most celebrated X-Man. Snikty Snitk!

Super Powers: A regenerative healing factor, heightened senses, and animal-like strength, speed, and agility. Oh, and three mother retractable claws on each hand.

Avengers History: Joining the New Avengers in 2005, Wolverine has remained with the team ever since, juggling World’s Mightiest Hero duties with X-Men and X-Force membership. Busy boy.

Assemble This: Not only a popular comics character, but the crux of the X-MEN movies, Wolverine would be a welcome addition to the Avengers team. With Hugh Jackman featuring as Logan in five movies to date, and another in the works, he has established star value. However, with 20th Century Fox currently in possession of the X-Men license, it’ll be a long while (and a major payoff from Marvel Studios) before this crossover becomes a reality.


Harlem native turned Power Man and Hero for Hire…

Super Powers: One of many to have been tested with Super-Soldier Serums. Cage possesses super strength, endurance, and an almost unbreakable skin.

Avengers History: Enlisted in 2005, Cage has been a major player in the Avengers ever since, and played a prominent role in the superhero Civil War, in which Cap’ and Iron Man led opposing forces into battle. Cage currently heads up the New Avengers.

Assemble This: Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks, rough diamond Cage could provide an interesting character arc and contrast to the current Avengers line-up. The former Power Man dabbled in petty crime, and even put a price on his superhuman talents before becoming one of the comic universe’s most-admired men and an integral part of the Avengers. Cage could add some grit and hard-knocks truth to Marvel’s colourful movies.

Ms Marvel

The lovely Carol Danvers – former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, NASA whistleblower, and editor of Woman magazine.

Super Power: Following exposure to Kree technology, Danvers became half alien, and gained super strength, speed, flight, and photonic blasts from her fingers. Standard really.

Avengers History: After pursing careers as both NASA operative and writer, Danvers became a celebrity superhero, eventually joining the Avengers in 1979. She remains a current member of the New Avengers.

Assemble This: With Black Widow proving herself as more than just eye candy, the door has opened for another female superhero to join the Avengers. And let’s face it, there are far too few lady-heroes tearing it up on the big screen. And whilst Black Widow relies on smarts, Danvers can match the fellas for bonafide powers. Also, as her writer days made her something of a celeb, she could be perfect foil for Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark.

Namor The Sub-Mariner

The Prince of Atlantis and 70-year comic book veteran.

Super Power: Half-mutant half-Atlantean, Namor is super strong, fast, and can even fly. And as one might imagine, he’s a bloody good swimmer.

Avengers History: Whilst he has at times battled the Avengers during his long history, Namor joined their ranks in 1985 for a period. Also a good friend of Captain America’s, following the pair’s united allegiance against the Nazis in World War II.

Assemble This: With his temperamental relationship with the ‘surface world’, Namor could play the role of on-off ally, and even take on minor villain duties before committing to the team. Perhaps less known in the general public consciousness, Namor remains a readers’ cult favourite, and will be ripe for the big screen treatment now that Marvel’s A-list has been thoroughly plundered. There’s been talk before of a Namor movie (Duane ‘the Rock’ Johnson has been previously rumoured), and leading into AVENGERS 2, now could be the right time…


Amazing, spectacular, he’s your friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man.

Super Powers: Does whatever a spider can. Apparently.

Avengers History: Joined in 1990 and continued for almost a decade before resigning. Unmasked and revealed his identity to the world during the superhero ‘Civil War’ that split the Avengers team in two. Currently a member of the New Avengers.

Assemble This: As arguably Marvel’s most popular character, who doesn’t want to see Spider-Man in some comic crossover action? With his arachnid abilities, Spider-Man could make a unique (not to mention stylish) contribution to the action. As a far younger superhero, famous for his witty zingers and reluctant heroics, he’d be an interesting character to add to the already-diverse Avengers team. However, much like Wolverine, Spidey belongs to another studio (Sony Pictures), so don’t expect him to swing into the Avengers sequels anytime soon.

The Vision

The artificial humanoid who wishes he was a real boy.

Super Powers: Though the Vision’s android body replicates human organs, blood, and tissue, it’s artificiality allows for a handy range of powers: flight, durability, the ability to control his own density, and shooting energy beams to name a few.

Avengers History: Created by Ultron with the sole purpose of destroying the Avengers, the Vision broke his programming and joined the team, turning on his demented creator. He remains a popular figure from Avengers history.

Assemble This: The Vision’s villainous roots and eventual turn to the ‘good side’ could prove for fascinating subplot material in the Avengers sequel. Most interesting perhaps is his internal conflict: an synthetic being who experiences human emotions. He’s also a bit of a ladies man, copping off with Scarlet Witch and Ms Marvel over the years. A bit of lady-on-android action, anyone? A likely candidate for AVENGERS 2.

Black Panther

Leader of the Panther Clan and King of Wakanda.

Super Powers: Aside from all the usual powers, Black Panther, or T’challa, has acute animal-like senses and reflexes. Also a bit of a brain box, scoring a Ph.D in physics from Oxford.

Avengers History: After infiltrating the Avengers to test their weaknesses, T’Challa soon became an ally, and has been an on-off team member since.

Assemble This: So far we’ve had gods, scientists, assassins, and super soldiers – the Black Panther’s tribal roots could bring a whole new dynamic to the group. His nation of Wakanda is also where the rare metal Vibranium originates (the metal used for Cap’s shiled), so perhaps the Avengers will find themselves there to plunder the nation’s resources, coming to blows then eventually joining forces with T’challa?

Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver

Magneto’s mutant offspring, twins Wanda and Pietro Maximoff.

Super Powers: Taking after their old man, the siblings boast some pretty impressive abilities: Wanda can warp and alter reality, whilst Pietro posses seriously-super speed.

Avengers History: After a period in Magneto’s Brotherhood of Mutants, the pair saw the light and joined the Avengers’ second major line-up, led by Captain America, and remained prominent members over the years. Pietro still acts as an instructor at Avengers Academy.

Assemble This: It’s difficult to know if Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver truly belong to the Avengers or X-Men universe, as they have played vital roles in both. Could they be the first step in uniting the two franchises? Whilst this may be the stuff of fanboy fantasy for now, the twins deserve a place in the Avengers franchise somewhere down the line. With their colourful past they could play villain and hero, and even introduce the mutant race into the Marvel Studios’ universe…

THE AVENGERS 2 is expected for release 2014

  • Out of all these superheroes which are on this list.
    I think the ones which are most likely going to make it into the Avengers Sequel are: 1. Ant-Man/Giant-Man
    2. Ms. Marvel
    3. Black Panther
    4. The Vision

  • Avengers was arguably one of the greatest superheroe movies of all time, in fact I rate it number #1 a notch over the classic ‘Dark Knight. For Avengers sequel, I would like to see 6 superheroes added. (1) Giantman/Antman (2) Black Panther (3) Luke Cage/Powerman (4) The Vision (5)Scarlet Witch and (6)Wasp.
    I included Wasp because as per the comics she was a founded member of ‘Avengers’

  • Brett

    You simply cannot add six new characters, that’s absurd. I think the pym’s are the perfect choice.

  • Spenser

    Please, you know they’ll never get spidey or wolverine for it so just go with Moon Knight.

  • Drew

    Ya most on this list is just wishful thinking, The Pyms yes (if the movie comes out in time) the rest no way and not just cause of legal issues but think of the story line. Ya got Thanos introduce him, then round them all up. Introducing anyone of these characters without making it drag on will be impossible. Plus we got so little of the avengers being a well oiled machine adding anyone will be wrench in it.

  • Shifty

    Whilst I’d love to see new blood added to the avengers for number 2, the most likely to appear is ant-man as there’s currently a script in progress and they already have some test footage. Should he get his own film it’s likely that it will help introduce Wasp as a background character, possibly followed by a post-credits scene with her becoming the Wasp.

    Either that or I’d atleast like Luke Cage/Powerman and Danny Rand/Iron Fist to make a cameo type appearance in one of the upcoming films, or the avengers 2 as Heroes for Hire. It wouldn’t have to be a major role, but if Avengers 2 went a bit more global in scale, they could quite easily add cameos for a lot of heroes being shown to fight the god fight in order to repel any invaders or whatever. It would definitely help put some names out there as people who don’t know a lot about Marvel would be left wondering who was Person C that punched Big Evil Thing J in the face then they could look it up online and be like oh thats this hero he seems cool etc etc 🙂

  • Vegabomber

    I think it is a matter of taking out two avengers, Hawkeye and Widow and perhaps adding three, Ms. Marvel, Panther, Vision.

    I get that the Pyms are part of the original avengers however we already have two ‘intellects’ on the team in Banner and Stark and Wasp doesn’t hold a candle to Ms. Marvel who is kinda like the Wonder Woman figure for Marvel.

    Spidey has enough exposure already and Wolverine belongs with the X-men.

    I would like to see Luke Cage and Iron Fist with their own movie as the Heroes for Hire. It would be a great buddy film about to great heroes who are complete opposites of each other. That would be awesome!

  • Elmo

    I would love to see Spiderman and Wolverine added simply becouse they are the coolest, more fun, most interesting ones.. For any one else, None of the other superheroes, except for maybe Namor, you would have to make a separate movie which would very likely be a disappointment at the counter. I believe Namor can hold his own. You can not get rid of Hawkeye or widow… they did great. I also do not believe that it is possible to pack too many superheroes into a 2 hour movie and still be able to give each one his own fighting sequence… The first movie did an excellent job, but it is hard with more heroes!!!

  • Mex fan

    Easy answer.

    There was a huge difference between the movie and the comic-book rosters of the Avengers. That difference is one character.

    You could use any of his heroic identities: Ant man, Giant man, Goliath, Yellow Jacket or simply by his name Hank Pym. Him with his beloved Janet van Dyne (AKA Wasp) are the face of the Avengers in many ways.

    First of all is that Avengers solidified the concept of “loving pair” among superheroes. There’s no one like Red Richards/Sue Storm of the Fantastic 4, but Pym/van Dyne is classic Avenger love.

    Any sequel could lack of Black Widow but should include them.

    Of course that Scarlet Witch/Vision are important but not as basic as Ant-man/Wasp.

    Even that during the movie it seems to be clear there’s something between Hawkeye & Black Widow, Mockingbird could be interesting.

    Other characters to consider: Quasar, Starfox, Namor, Spiderman, Beast & Black Panther.

  • Too bad Sony has the rights to spider-man and x men films. When do those expire? Avengers Vs. X-men the movie would be Awesome. Then maybe Ultron and Apocalypse could Team up and the X-men and the Avengers would have to join forces to stop them. And spiderman could show up too

  • CK Purser

    Call me old fashioned,but if you are picking someone to go along with the new bady, ie THANOS, than you need his all time archnemesis…. Mar-Vel,aka Captain Marvel. Bringing in the Kree born herom will than open up the Marvel Universe to all the other villaina an problems the avengers gave faced, ie The Skrullsm the Shiar and the Kree themselves. Call the movies, Secret Invasion, Galactic Storm or maybe even the Infinty War,but the last one would be well down the track, talking 5-6 years down the road.

  • thegriffin88

    One problem, Sony owns Wolverine and Spiderman.

  • True, you can’t have Spider-Man appear, because another studio owns him.

    But consider this scenario: One of the Avengers happens to be falling from a great height. All of a sudden, something prevents the Avenger from falling further. Upon a closer examination, it’s some kind of net. Or, more accurately, … a web.

    Spidey would not have to physically appear to make his presence felt, right?

  • Resse

    We just can’t take the character line up from ultimate alliance. The new character have to had grown with the audience, do the best choice to me would be wolverine (huge Hackman) and the new or rebooted spiderman.

  • Drake

    i like to see ms marvel, wolverine, and dr. Strange

  • Vassenego

    I dont see how the vision could be in the sequel. They have to have Hank Pym build Ultron before Ultron can in turn create Vision. Would be very cool to see the Pym’s in though especially as would play into the whole Ultron storyline as one of the Avengers more powerful foes.

  • Chris

    Just say no to Wolverine. The guy is already the most overused character in the Marvel Universe. He’s on every X-Men team simultaneously plus X-Force and the Avengers, has his own comic and yet still has time to appear as a cameo in pretty much every other Marvel comic book at least once a year. It’s ridiculous.

  • myzlplix

    Vision and Dr. Strange get my vote…..


    Dammit Vassengo! You and your knowledge just nullified my first choice!

    Okay, since no Vision, then I still vote Doc Strange, but add the Pyms so Vision can get in the game.

    Never Wolverine…he’s already in enough movies.

  • Jalarium

    I am hoping Agent Coulson becomes the Vision

  • Tess

    The Kree-Skrull War could make for an interesting expansion to the universe — if they wanted to add a major development that they could center multiple movies, around, that would work.

    You could bring Namor in if you wanted a full-blown surface/Atlantis war, after which Namor reforms, but overall, I don’t think Atlantis would make a credible addition to the movie universe.

    I would only want to ever bring in Wolverine if we got a full-blown AvX movie — unlikely, but an interesting pitch down the road if the two studios were willing to team up.

    Hercules ought to be shipped off to the Legion of Superfluous Heroes. Ridiculous addition.

  • Stepcorn

    Jalarium, hats off to you, how fuckin’ cool would that be…

  • Dr. Shane Thanos Bonter.

    i could agree with every one of these characters added.. except and man.. hes practically useless unless for a recon operation.

  • Dr. Shane Thanos Bonter.


  • Michael

    i think spiderman and worlverin will make it into the next movie andwer grafeld has been giving out clues so i think spiderman will be in the avangers too wich would be epic

  • Briseis1452

    Personally I think that the black panther is a great idea as well as Ms Marvel. Has anyone besides me thought that she-hulk was a good idea? my vote goes to Ms Marvel, the Pyms and possibley (please please please) she hulk seeing as they would be the easiest to weave into the plot.She hulk being first since she is Bruce’s lawyer cousin, ms marvel could be in a cutscene at the beginning( gets hit by meteor, I dunno) and the Pyms? Well, okay, if you say so.

    P.S.- look up She Hulk if you dont know who she is. ‘Cause she really freaking awesome.

  • Dunners

    Sony doesn’t own wolverine. Fox does, along with all the x-men property rights. Which is why scarlet witch and quicksilver wont be introduced.

  • black-kryptonite

    ant man is almost a dead cert to appear in avengers 2now that he has his own movie in the works, tho personally i think ant man is pretty crap without his giant man powers but he shud be in the sequel. wishful thinking but maybe nick fury cud persuade ant man to join avengers by giving him the tech to create his giant man suit. wasp is basically a female ant man, no point in to insect based shrinking heros in the same team.

    too many new characters would spoil the film so maybe one other. wolverine wud get my vote if it was possible, a gritty dirty work member of the team to do the jobs the other members need to keep away from because of thier public images

  • Gavin

    Personally, I think that the most likely candidates are ant man, spider-man, and wolverine. Even though both spider-man and wolverine are owned by another studio I still think marvel has the power to be able to get them in. Out of those two though I would say that spider-man is probably the most realistic considering that they almost included Oscorp tower in the avengers and because spider-man also teamed up with the avengers to defeat Thanos with the cosmic cube in the comics.

  • gralridr

    My three charecter are Wonder man, Simon Williams who could be a rivalof he fights,Photon who is a female who could change to any light frequency and is black and Quasar since he fights Thanos aolt and is a deceased avenger but whose powers is very similar to green lantern

  • wtkc

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    1. Honey and shea butter mask. Is your skin is dry? Cutin, clean and moist it with the following tonic products:

  • Jim C

    I’m hoping for the Pyms (Ant Man and Wasp) and/or Black Panther.

  • Brainlock

    I’ve said on other sites offering up their own “future Avengers” that they could use the clean up from the Chitauri invasion to add several classic Avengers.

    A squad of SHIELD grunts working clean up on an energy weapon that discharges/blows up and healed with help from a transfusion of Cap’s super-soldier infused blood could give us: Ms. Marvel, Wonder Man, Luke Cage, among others. (TEXAS TWISTER!) You could even have it as Simon Williams the actor is showboating and making a nuisance of himself with his celebrity status, promoting the clean up efforts as part of some fame scheme and becomes a victim of the explosion. Cage could be a bystander or his bodyguard when it happens, while Danvers is SHIELD squad leader (already a canon Air Force captain).

    To get Quasar, we could have SHIELD grunt Wendell Vaughn stumble upon the quantum bands quite literally and be unable to remove them, only to later find out they were planted there for him by Eon for the upcoming battle with Thanos. (Think Green Lantern, except yellow energy and jeweled bracelets instead of a ring.)

    Ant-Man is getting his own movie, but I see no reason why he couldn’t already be a SHIELD scientist who discovers the size changing matter he dubs “Pym Particles” and uses them to become Ant-Man and giant Man/Goliath. Wasp could be his celebutante girlfriend who (accidentally?) doses herself with the particles and becomes the Wasp. or she’s like the Ultimate Wasp and is a mutant, and Pym synthesizes her X-gene for himself?

    Vision: I see as either Coulson’s mind downloaded into an LMD and modified with Stark’s tech, or Tony was already building JARVIS an android body for autonomy. perhaps a merging of the two ideas in a mid-movie battle? (Anything to keep Clark Gregg on board!)

    Hercules could be played off as the ex-jock looking to reclaim his fame by “lending a hand”, much like I suggested with Simon Williams above. Or he just sees Thor on the news reports and has some hidden grudge against him being an Aesir vs his own Olympian background. This would be the basis for a friendly rivalry between the two as seen in the comics, as well as his pinch hitting for Thor and Hulk if one/neither are available for future movies.

    Fury mentions “other super beings” or something, hinting at X-Men and F4, but is really the current Avengers Academy, so others like Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch or Justice and Firestar could be brought in to the Majors from the “farm team” of the Academy. All we have to do for Pietro & Wanda is ignore their “cameo” in XMO:Wolvie and not mention their father.

  • JC

    Well going by what we actually know from the movies the direction is clear, the end result is Thanos posessing the Infinity Gauntlet. With the up and coming Guardians of the Galaxy movie there are two characters that need immediate introduction though both non-Avengers, that being Captain Mar-Vell and Adam Warlock. Doing a Thanos storyline without those two characters would just simply ruin it.

  • alecjd

    actually, Spidey declined to be in the Avengers, until Avengers 2, and Wolverine was in the Avengers 2. Wasp is already dead, and they are making an Antman movie for the Avengers 2.

  • Frobin

    I would prefer:
    1. The Vision – possibly the android will be created by Thanos in the movie and change sides to join the Avengers.
    2. Hank Pym and the Wasp (possibly not yet as Ant-Man and the Wasp)
    3. The Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver

    All other characters not yet in Avengers 2 – spare it for #3!

  • ellis

    i think wolverine yes also spiderman because he is in the avengers game and black panther because he is my fave i love him!!!!

  • Supervenom1

    If there was to be a wolverine, please not hugh jackman. I would like to see this franchise move away from the X-men movies since they don’t fit in at all with this universe, plus they were crap. Let someone else take over. Put my choice which i know is out there but would be awesome would be Mr. Immortal lol.

  • Vorpaledge

    My List:
    Black Panther
    Daredevil(Fox recently lost the rights to Mr. Murdock which are now back at Marvel Studios”
    Wolverine(Rights owned by Fox)
    Spiderman(Rights owned by Sony)

  • CMack

    First off, this article is for the most part terrible. Zero thought went into some of these choices, and didn’t regard that the movies have to balance characters much more strictly than the comics.
    Out of all of these, Vision, Ant Man and Wasp, Black Panther, and maybe Ms.Marvel (provided that they explained her origin in a movie that also brought the concept of the Kree into play, which is a lot to do).

    The rest of these characters either need their own movie or don’t need to be in The Avengers at all (Spider-Man and Wolverine).

    The author didn’t really think about how the powers and characters of each of these suggestions would work with the current roster.

    Added to that, some of the comments show why fans shouldn’t write movies, with people being on board with over-loading the movie with characters and shoving as much as possible in, quantity over quality, little-kid style, with no thought as to how or why these characters could be implemented and how it would affect what’s been set up.
    Since The Avengers already has many characters, they shouldn’t introduce too many more in the next movie, especially considering that unlike the main cast of the first film, it’s not likely that those new heroes will get individual movies.


    The problem with adding more characters is giving them screen time. Even with the cast as it was Hawkeye could have been left out of the Avengers movie without changing the story.

  • Moi
  • DDGmike

    I would love to see Vision, Captain Marvel, and She-Hulk. We won’t see any X-men because the rights are owned by different studios.

  • Deadpool needs to be in there cause Deadpool is well deadpool

  • spidey would be great… 🙁

  • Iceman20

    haha…Tyrese and Josh Duhmel as Luke Cage and Iron first….Heroes for hire: especially since their run on Transformers is over. Those two work well together.

  • frozenray0079

    The Pyms are not just wanted, but NEEDED. Vision can’t even be on this list without Ant-Man first, since he later created Ultron, who in turn later created Vision lol. In a possible 3rd film I would like to see Luke Cage no doubt, especially considering he hasn’t been seen in Hollywood whatsoever and is (or was?) the leader of the New Avengers. However, Spider-Man and especially Wolverine shouldn’t be in this series let alone the second film of the series. Jackman is perfect as Wolvie, and has played him in each of the X-Men movies and the upcoming Origins sequel, spanning his playing the role for 13 YEARS. But they have way too much popularity on screen as it is, and although they are New Avengers, which is great, I’m hoping the Avengers franchise will be an opportunity to introduce Avengers and Avenger-related characters we haven’t seen on film yet first (Falcon, Winter Soldier, Ant-Man, Wasp, Luke Cage, Black Panther, Doc Strange should all be coming soon) not just the mainstream ones who already have a million films. And I understand that 99.9% of the Marvel universe heroes and even some villains are now (or have once been) Avengers in some fashion, including Spidey, Wolvie, Storm, Daredevil, Norman Osborne, Ms. Marvel, Sentry, etc. But as much as I wanna eventually see these heroes, since the first Avengers film was an attempt to make the roster relatively faithful to the ORIGINAL lineup–minus the Pyms, and I’m still surprised the movie went so well without even a hint of their names–Marvel has GOT to take it slow and include just a few heroes at a time. Besides, The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy are eventually destined to fight together against Thanos on film–and who knows how much delicious chaos that’s going to bring!

  • Joseph

    Welll, I think that they should have original characters that were in the original avengers, so the only person that should be on this list is Spider-Man

  • dan

    the only characters that shouldn’t be on that list are wolverine and spiderman, I kno they’re part of the avengers in the comics, but that doesn’t mean they should be in the movie, with movies it’s best to stick to the core team

  • dan

    @Joseph- Spiderman wasn’t part of the orignial team

  • zsht

    wolverine and spidey are def top 2 and with new movies coming out that might be what there up to.

  • wahid

    the only character that should not be in avengers 2 are ant man and wasp because they change their size and that is far from reality

  • wahid

    the main characters in avengers 2 must be THOR iron man and captain America they deserve long rolls than the rest

  • wahid

    i heard that one characters is a Chinese women in avengers 2 that is a very bad idea it will ruin the movie no one like Chinese super hero

  • Axalon

    I honestly have to disagree with all of this list. Spider-Man and Wolverine due to license issues of course, but I think instead of continually adding new characters (no matter their relevance in their comics) they should build up on the already large existing cast.

  • dregj

    i was so glad spidey and logan wernt in the avengers they dont belong in the comics and they sure dont belong in the films.jut because they seem to be the most popular they’ve been shoe horned in.logan is the most over rated comic book character ever ,the x films got proportionately worse the more they focused just on him.spidey is a loner, thats his whole thing .he goes through all his turmoil more or less alone and bears teh burden all on his shoulders.occasional team ups with blade or punisher aside .he doesnt belong in hte avengers

  • Mike

    I followed the Avengers as a child from the mid-70s to the early-80s (roughly #150-#225) when the primary members were: Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Wasp, Henry Pym (mainly as Yellow Jacket) and Beast. Others during that time were Thor, Wonder Man, Hellcat and Whizzer. I guess those are the members I’d love to see most in future Avenger movies.

  • Wolf

    The thing that I really like about the Marvel/Disney approach to the Marvel Film Universe is that they have a great “long view” of how to expand the universe.

    Keeping with that, what I’d like to see them do is address some of these characters through the individual movies… maybe a call back to the Invaders in a (if not the next) Captain America film… Maybe you introduce Ant Man and Wasp as part of Stark’s R&D department…

    What I’d really like to see is if they were to take The Guardians movie and make it about Thanos trying to get one or two of the gems for the Infinity Gauntlet. If it were done this way, with GotG being a response team… maybe one that teams up with S.W.O.R.D (Shield’s space branch) you could set up one of the gems being on Hala, the Kree home world… And this could set up a minor scene in which Carol Danvers (agent of sword) gets exposed to the Kree technology that makes her Ms. Marvel. I think the GotG movie should end with the Guardians getting their asses handed to them and Nova escaping to his home world of Earth to try to muster some help… he crashes at stark tower and that sets up Avengers 2.

    What I really, really want, is for Avengers 2 to have a scene in which Thanos or someone knocks Hulk out into the vastness of space and old Jade Jaws crashes down on a harsh planet… setting up a new Hulk movie… Planet Hulk.

  • Daige

    Oh please…Wolverine and Spider-Man? Sure, they have served in the Avengers, but they are not iconic, well-known members of Avengers (in modern times, yes, but not in the past). Say Avengers and what names come up in your mind? Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Wasp, Ant-Man…the list goes on and on, but where does Wolverine and Spider-Man come into the picture? Let them just have the movies of their own, because they don’t belong in Avengers.

    /greetings from an old, true hardcore Marvel fan

  • DiABLO32

    I admit, it would be nice to see one or two (but not more) extra additions to the Avenger but I don’t agree with most of your suggestions…
    HERCULES: We already have a demi-god (Thor) and a muscle-bound one-man-army (Hulk), so we don’t need Heracles (yes, I called him by his Greek name), he brings nothing new to the team…
    ANT-MAN & WASP: We don’t need anymore braniacs or another couple (Black Widow & Hawkeye deserve a bit more development)… Let’s see the (hopefully) upcoming Wasp movie first…
    WOLVERINE: As much as I’d LOVE to see Wolverine kick some A$$, his inclusion would raise too many questions… The Avengers universe quite isolated (in a sense), and Wolverine, being a mutant, comes from quite an expanded universe because of the thousands (or millions, I don’t know) of mutants in existence… Where were the X-Men when New York (and the world) was in danger?… As I said, too many questions raised… And loopholes…
    LUKE CAGE: I like this choice, it can definitely work…
    NAMOR THE SUB-MARINER: … Waterboy?… No thank you… It just wouldn’t work…
    SPIDER-MAN: I’d love to see him there, but he’d have to played by a different actor altogether and he would have to have acquired his powers quite recently, otherwise questions would be asked, like where was he when New York was attacked in the 1st Avengers movie…
    THE VISION: … Could work…
    BLACK PANTHER: Maybe, maybe not… I’m not sure…
    SCARLET WITCH & QUICKSILVER: They belong in the X-Men Universe…
    I have only one suggestion:
    WAR MACHINE: I was a bit disappointed not to see him in the Avengers movie and he didn’t do much but play second fiddle in Iron Man 2, I hope he get some development in Iron Man 3 though…
    And, again, Black Widow & Hawkeye need development, especially Hawkeye…

  • Mike O,

    Wonder man…. Tigra….. Spider-woman….. Ant-man… Wasp…. Hercules… Black Panther….. Moonknight… Black knight… all well before Logan or spider-man.

  • Paul Meehan

    I would have to say that Wolverine should appear sometime at the end of the second or the beginning of the third movie
    after making a deal with Nick Fury to learn more about his past.

  • Greg

    Pietro and Wanda are tied up as X-properties over at Fox, and not needed anyways. Spidey belongs to Sony unless Marvel gets the rights back, and is not needed either. Not just “NO!” but “H*LL NO!” to Namor, Cage, and Wolverine (even if Wolvie wasn’t also tied down at Fox).

    Avengers has a fine cast as it is. No need to crowd it up.

  • Phoenix

    Actually Wanda and Pietro are under shared rights. Both Fox and Marvel can use them.

    Maybe Pietro would belong a little bit more in the X-Universe, but Wanda less so. Her time with the Brotherhood was very short (Uncanny X-Men 4-11). Pietro had his time with X-Factor (in issues from 1987-1993).

  • Right, because putting high profile characters from other Marvel brands (Wolverine, Spiderman) into an Avengers focused ensemble movie and demoting them to supporting roles is an awesome idea. Try again.

  • yup

    Dark Knight Trilogy > Any Marvel film.

  • Fox Owns Wolverine so we will not see him in the next Avengers movie

  • Wolverine and Spider-Man have their own movies, they don’t NEED to be in Avengers Two. Would I complain? NO. But yeah, there’s no need. Ms. Marvel, Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch? HELL YES. They NEED to be in it. More females. Joss does like his strong females.

  • Ms Marvel & Namor The Sub-Mariner for sure, Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver!! But looking how they did Wolverine and Spider-Man movies I think It will be them! : /