Yes, you read right, just 19 days after its UK release, AVENGERS ASSEMBLE has passed $1 billion in worldwide box-office takings. Only 11 other films in the history of cinema have accomplished this feat.

Indeed AVENGERS ASSEMBLE has seen its US box-office fall only 50% in its second week on release, which is astonishing and indicates already people are revisiting their local multiplex for a second dose of superhero shenanigans. Disney’s CEO and Chairman, Robert A. Iger, had this to say:

“We’re obviously thrilled with the global success of The Avengers, it’s a fantastic movie and an extraordinary franchise that will continue with more great stories and compelling characters for years to come.”

So what do you reckon, is AVENGERS ASSEMBLE a real threat to AVATAR’s mark of $2.78 billion? We’ve got a sneaky feeling at THN that it might just be, especially as we’re all off to see it again this week!

Source: TIME
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