After having its ‘premiere’ at SXSW, the official trailer has been released for upcoming indie drama CRAZY EYES.

Revolving around the drink-swigging world of Zach (Lukas Haas – CONTRABAND), we follow his exploits from bar to bar, picking up various women…until he encounters Rebecca aka Crazy Eyes (played by Madeline Zima). After falling for her, all he wants to do is chase after her – he wants what he can’t have. With a visit from his parents and a son who needs his attention, Zach feels pressured to change his life. Will he? Who knows!

Directed by Adam Sherman (this is his second directorial project after HAPPINESS RUNS), the film also stars Tania Raymonde, Ray Wise, Ned Bellamy, Valerie Mahaffey, Elena Levon and Jake Busey (who looks exactly like his father, Gary Busey).

This could be quite successful around the indie circuit, but being released around the same time as THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN could scupper it’s commercial chances.

CRAZY EYES, directed by Adam Sherman, is due for a US release from 6th July, 2012.

Source: Apple