The remake of 80s controversial, festive-themed slasher SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT, has recently got shooting under way and comes from director Steven C. Miller. The film, now just sticking with SILENT NIGHT, will depict to gory goings-on in a small-town when the red-suited, rotund Saint Nick decides he’s had enough milk and cookies. Instead, going on a blood-soaked, axe-wielding (and from the look of the poster, flame throwing) rampage, picking off anyone in his way.

With a pretty decent cast including the legendary Malcolm McDowell, Jaime King (SIN CITY), Donal Logue (ZODIAC), Lisa Marie (ED WOOD) and Brendan Fehr (FINAL DESTINATION), we have the first teaser poster and images courtesy of Fangoria. SILENT NIGHT is hoping to capitalise on a release, for this year’s forthcoming Yuletide festivities.

Source: Fangoria