It’s Thursday! Very much like Jim in the very first AMERICAN PIE, we’ve come early this week for episode 12 of your favourite film podcast!!! Yes, it’s time to plug in the earphones, kick off the shoes, crack open a cold one, and catch all the latest film banter on ‘The Hollywood Booze’, the weekly podcast from the boys at THN.

Hosted by Tom Fordy, Paul Heath, and Joe Upton, The Hollywood Booze features reviews, news, competitions, and movie-based chitchat. Head over to iTunes to subscribe and download the latest booze-tastic episode!

This week Fordy’s back! The return of the king indeed, and also the return of Helmet To Helmet and The Bog Of Eternal Stench Raffle!  The boys also review AMERICAN PIE: REUNION, PIGGY and SILENT HOUSE, and of course count down the top ten, report the latest news, and of course, get very nicely drunk.




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Paul has been writing for film websites for over ten years. The Hollywood News was born out of love for film and his frustration at not being a very good filmmaker himself. Those who cannot do, write about – or so they say. Aside from the site, Paul has directed a music video (badly), has one credit to his name on the IMDb, enjoys running, driving (now that he has finally passed his test at the age of 33), and of course going to the movies.