No, no he’s not playing some young hoodlum substituting good for safe or tidy, he’s been having a natter at the European Premiere of his new movie SAFE released today.

SAFE follows Statham as Luke Wright, a former cage fighter, who encounters a young girl, Mei (Catherine Chan) being hounded by numerous Mob, corrupt cops and Triads  because of her outrageous memory and what it holds. We’ve had a look at this at THE HOLLYWOOD NEWS and you can have a look at our reaction here but what does Statham himself make of the film, what drew him in and how does he feel about his career? Well you can find out in the video below which also has a chat with executive producer Stuart Ford (44 INCH CHEST) about what how the story and script got his attention:

Well what do you think, do you agree with Statham’s refreshingly honest assessment of his films or is he just being modest? Let us know by giving us a little comment below.

SAFE is in theatres now!

Source: Premierscene

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