It has been confirmed that British funny-man Nick Frost is to star in new romantic comedy CUBAN FURY.

The story (which was originally thought-up by Frost) sees him play a man who rediscovers his passion for…salsa dancing. Strange, right?  He then uses his ‘skills’ to impress his attractive, American boss. Starring alongside Frost will be Chris O’Dowd (who impressed audiences last year in BRIDESMAIDS), Olivia Colman and Rashida Jones – who will presumably play Frost’s boss.

This will be the directorial debut for James Griffiths, while the script has been written by Jon Brown, who has writing credentials spanning episodes of British comedies MIRANDA, FRESH MEAT and MISFITS.

While the film is being produced by Big Talk Pictures (which also produced PAUL and ATTACK THE BLOCK, starring Frost) it’s being co-funded by Film 4, Studio Canal and the British Film Institute.

Nick Frost always impresses in whatever he stars in so this will no doubt be the same. His co-stars – O’Dowd, Colman and Jones – are always pretty funny, making CUBAN FURY a guaranteed success!

CUBAN FURY, directed by James Griffiths, is set to start shooting over the next few weeks.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter