Our friends at Eagle One Media today have released the second official trailer for ZOMBIE DAWN, the Spanish-language Zombie film made on a shoestring. Following a group of mercenaries and scientists as they investigate an incident that unleashed flesh eating zombies on an unsuspecting nation some 15 years earlier, the film is sure to be full of blood, guts and zombie limbs.

Written and directed by Cristian Toledo and Lucio A. Rojas the film is unique in its format; on your way into the theatre in the US,  you will be given a complimentary comic-book ‘Zombie Dawn: Safehouse’ which acts as the prequel and even prologue to the main feature in an exciting advance for the horror franchise.

Already a winner at a number of South American award ceremonies, Zombie Dawn could be another shot in the arm for Spanish horror following the recent success of the REC films and after watching the trailer we at The Hollywood News can’t wait for a UK release. Don’t forget to also check out their official site.

Source: www.zombiedawnmovie.com