The upcoming MEN IN BLACK 3 will hopefully wipe our memory of the first dire sequel from a decade ago. Barry Sonnenfeld’s blockbuster franchise never fully reached its potential, despite earning mountains of cash for Sony Pictures. The chemistry between Will Smith’s motor-mouthed Agent J and Tommy Lee Jones’ sarcastic K were always the saving grace. Without the duo, the box-office double would have amounted to 90 minutes of impressive effects – and nothing else.

Perhaps this second sequel will finally hit that higher marker with the help of Josh Brolin who plays , with uncanny precision, a younger version of Jones’ Agent K. Time travel will obviously play a major part of the plot in this latest adventure and below we have the latest poster showcasing Smith on the pod-like cycles, briefly seen in the recent trailer.

MEN IN BLACK 3 will co-star Michael Stuhlbarg, Alice Eve, Nicole Scherzinger, Emma Thompson, Jermaine Clement and Bill Hader and will arrive in cinemas 25th May.

Source: Stark Industries