Tobe Hooper’s haunted house classic POLTERGEIST is another horror film set for the remake treatment. But this time Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes company are, thankfully, not the ones in charge. MGM has confirmed that EVIL DEAD director Sam Raimi will produce their new remake. The film will not be the only cult horror favourite that Raimi is involved with in a producing capacity, he is also overseeing a reboot of his own EVIL DEAD but directed by Fede Alverez.

The original 1982 POLTERGEIST is still considered one of the finest spooky stories of all time, and went on to spawn two sequels. Steven Spielberg served as producer on the film and many of the actors involved in the making still insist that he should have had his name as director, going so far to say THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE helmer Hooper, did very little on the picture. POLTERGEIST starred Craig T. Nelson, JoBeth Willaims, Zelda Rubenstein and made a child star of Heather O’Rourke, who tragically died only months after completing work on POLTERGEIST III.

As for rumoured/confirmed directors and casting, THN will, as always, bring you news as soon as we have it.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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