Before you die, you see… every successful movie you love rebooted. Back in 2010, Paramount announced a ‘teen-centric’, 3D sequel to THE RING. Imaginatively titled RING 3D, the script was written by DREAM HOUSE scribe David Loucka but then quickly disappeared into obscurity. Now, Paramount Film Group President Adam Goodman has hinted at a reboot of sorts for the franchise…

‘The thing we’re most proud of is that the three PARANORMAL ACTIVITY movies, JACKASS 3D, THE DEVIL INSIDE and JUSTIN BIEBER: NEVER SAY NEVER were all made for $41 million or $42 million combined, and they have just crossed $1 billion at the global box office. THE RING is something that really lends itself to this format right now, so we’re talking to [producer] Walter Parkes about doing something with that.’

As it’s unlikely Paramount would give us Samara in a 3D concert film, found footage may be the way for them to go and it’s expected that THE RING will be rebooted under the studio’s Insurge banner.

How a reboot would work exactly is unclear (found footage of people finding footage?), but there’s definitely potential for an update on the familiar story. I agree with FilmJunk’s note that ‘the idea of something propagating itself like a virus makes even more sense in the age of YouTube’ and as nobody even owns a VHS player anymore it might be time for Samara to make the leap to DVD…

Source: Film Junk

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