More familiar for his comic roles in the likes of ZOOLANDER and HALL PASS, many may have forgotten the Owen Wilson did star in John Moore’s tepid actioner BEHIND ENEMY LINES (2001). Let’s also not forget, Wilson gave arguably his finest performance as the lead in cult serial-killer drama THE MINUS MAN (1999). Well, the actor will return to the action genre for the hopefully thrilling THE COUP, which is being helmed by DEVIL’s John Erick Dowdle.

Wilson will play a father who, along with his wife and children, moves to Southeast Asia and gets caught between a deadly coup when rebels go on the warpath. The film has been written by Dowdle and brother Drew, and will see Wilson doing all and anything to protect his family. The brothers have previously directed REC remake, QUARANTINE and the still-to-be-released controversial shocker THE POUGHKEEPSIE TAPES. Their biggest project so far has been the aforementioned M. Night Shyamalan-produced horror, DEVIL.

Source: Deadline