Robert Rodriguez’ follow-up to exploitation hit MACHETE, was given the go-ahead late last year. The director (who c0-directed the film with Ethan Maniquis) promised another outing for Danny Trejo’s ex-Federale ‘Machete’ Cortez, who after being hired to kill a corrupt senator, is double-crossed. The all-star and cult film was born out of a mock trailer that was featured between Rodriguez and Tarantino’s experimental flop GRINDHOUSE (released here in the UK as the individual features, PLANET TERROR and DEATH PROOF).

Trejo will definately return for the sequel MACHETE KILLS, and he is expected to face off against Mel Gibson, who is said to be relishing the opportunity at possibly playing the villain in soon-to-shoot film. Gibson is said to be in final negotiations to appear, although it has not been confirmed in what capacity. Rodriguez has also given an indication that he will this time, try and find time in his busy schedule to fully direct the film himself.

There’s so much of it that I want to direct I’ll probably end up directing the whole thing. But if I have to step off, I’m going to try and shoot all of the actors and all of the main sequences. But it’s such a fun movie, and it just came out even more fun than I could have imagined.

Gibson has had a difficult few years in Hollywood recently. He was dropped from a cameo in THE HANGOVER PART 2 after a number of cast members refused to work with him. His controversial anti-semetic comments and private life not helping matters, but the cast of Todd Phillips blockbuster were happy to appear alongside convicted wife-beater and rapist again, Mike Tyson.

Gibson more recently however, did give great performances in Jodie Foster’s THE BEAVER and Martin Campbell’s EDGE OF DARKNESS. He will soon be seen in comic action-thriller HOW I SPENT MY SUMMER VACATION, which is released 11th May.

Source: Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter