The recent sad death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs had seen talk of a biopic of his legendary career being rumoured for the big-screen. Well that rumour appeared to be a reality when Sony confirmed they would be financing the project. THE SOCIAL NETWORK and MONEYBALL scribe Aaron Sorkin was also rumoured to be on scripting duties on the story that will tell of Jobs’ rise from 1960s hippie to high-tech hero, whose innovations made him a billionaire businessman.

News has come today that, Joshua Michael Stern is also set to write and direct an independent feature film based on Jobs’ life. Ashton Kutcher has also been confirmed as the film’s lead. Stern’s most high profile effort was the likeable 2008 Kevin Costner comic-drama SWING VOTE.

Kutcher is more familiar for his comedic work on the likes of THAT 70s SHOW, JUST MARRIED and more recently replaced Charlie Sheen on hit sitcom TWO AND A HALF MEN. He did however, headline the hit sci-fi drama THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT. Many will see Kutcher as a strange choice to portray Jobs, but those unhappy with the casting will still have Sony’s project to look forward to.

Source: Variety