Six girls born on the same day to six different mothers, no this isn’t todays Jeremy Kyle DNA special, it is in fact the plot for the new supernatural-thriller from THE ROOMMATE director Christian E. Christiansen. THE OCCULT, which has begun principle photography today, has also confirmed the full cast that will attempt to bring the creepy story to life.

Alycia Debnam-Carey, Jennifer Carpenter, Rufus Sewell, Adelaide Kane, Colm Meaney, Thomas McDonell, Stacey Edwards and Ric Reitz will portray the major inhabitants of the small devout community of New Bethlehem. As the girls grow and eventually become women, on their 18th birthday each one disappears. Could this be a prophecy that many of the village elders believed would occur; or the work of a psychopath, hiding in plain sight in their community.

Christiansen’s SINGLE WHITE FEMALE rip-off THE ROOMMATE reached No.1 in the US and defied box-office predictions. However the film was a dire attempt in creating suspense and was critically mauled, so let us hope this is much, much better!

Source: LD Entertainment