Earlier today THN reported that MGM’s CARRIE remake was down to KICK ASS actress Chloe Moretz and Haley Bennett, soon to be seen in Terrence Malick’s LAWLESS. The film is being directed by BOYS DON’T CRY’s Kimberly Peirce, and will be based on Stephen King’s best-seller, that was previously adapted into a masterpiece by Brian DePalma in 1976.

So who is the lucky winner… Chloe Moretz has been confirmed as having been offered the role and judging by her Twitter account, she has obviously said ‘Yes!’

Never been so happy in my life! Thank you Kim Pierce and thank u MGM for the chance of a lifetime I will never forget!

It is a role that comes with a huge amount of responsibly and a one that will be a hard act to follow after Sissy Spacek gave a terrific performance as the tragic young Carrie White, who unleashes hell when pushed to the limit. The role of Carrie’s mother Margaret (previously played by the scarily good Piper Laurie), the dominant force in the teenagers life, will next be the interesting role to look out for.

Source: Chloe Moretz, Twitter, Deadline