Tim Burton may have his critics, but there’s little doubt that the promotional materials for his upcoming DARK SHADOWS has been effective. First, a humourous and interesting trailer, and now these fantastic retro character posters.

But let’s get real – can a few dayglo pictures and a well-edited trailer really erase the memory of the last 18 years? The director’s seldom made a decent picture since 1994’s ED WOOD, and following the travesty of ALICE IN WONDERLAND, some were left wondering whether it was time to give up on Burton altogether (namely, me).

Let’s hope that DARK SHADOWS – a reworking of a little-seen 1970s TV show – will prove us wrong. It is, after all, a return to gothic stylings of his early career, and a diversion from the grotseque and colourful guff we’ve endured in recent years.

Check out the new posters below.

DARK SHADOWS stars Johnny depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter, Chloe Grace Moretz, Johnny Lee Miller, and Eva Green. It arrives in 11th May 2012.

Link: Hollywood Reporter