If the rumours are true then the MUNSTER family may be welcoming Eddie Izzard into their reboot, as it has been reported that he is set to star as Grandpa Munster in Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer’s new TV attempt.

The comedy series reboot will consist of the show being made darker and more sinister, along with being an hour long and being renamed ‘MOCKINGBIRD LANE’. The original MUNSTER series ran from 1964 to 1966 on American TV channel, CBS.

The 50 year-old comedian recently lent his voice to CARS 2 (2011) and stars in SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN (2012) as Tiberius. He has already worked with Singer on VALKYRIE (2008) – the Tom Cruise-led American historical thriller, which Singer directed.

Al Lewis previously played the mischievous Grandpa Munster in the 1960s series, which Izzard will now take over.

Fans of Izzard are spread all over the globe so his name alone will probably pull viewers into the project!

Source: TV Line