Scrat and his relentless efforts to hide his acorn are about to get us into trouble once again – he just never learns does he? Ahead of its release this summer ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT has a new international trailer courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox.

The fourth instalment of ICE AGE will see Manny, Sid and Diego separated from the rest of their misfit herd after that darn acorn inadvertently causes the continental divide.  However, rough seas lie ahead for the three friends when they become unfortunately acquainted with a galleon of creatures determined to keep them from travelling home. Along the way we see Sid find his long lost family and discover that his dislike for good personal hygiene runs through generations.

In the trailer is a short clip from a scene which shows Diego pulling some moves on a female feline. However, when a socially inept sloth is your best excuse for a wingman you’re probably not going to have too much luck in that department. Check it out below!

ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT is released in UK cinemas 6th July 2012.

Source: Coming Soon