Behind The Scenes Of Stan Winston’s Incredible Jurassic Park Dinosaurs

Back in 1993, JURASSIC PARK exploded my easily influenced mind and if truth be told, it still does. One of the major questions that still baffle me is: ‘How is the T-Rex not real?’ I’m happy to say Spielberg and this particular part of his movie history has been embedded in my mind and although I understand animatronics and very subtle CGI, I watch and I still believe.

The sheer talent and magic that made these dinosaur dreams come true was the Stan Winston and his very special studio. We’ve been lucky enough to discover these videos and I promise you, it doesn’t take away from any of the captivation and awe you feel when you see the JURASSIC PARK films for the first time. In these videos, admire the enormous scale of a T-Rex test and witness the perfection they put into their work in order to get it right. After all, that’s what timeless movies should be all about and it should consequently immerse you in the experience.

For the moment, enough of the love in and have a look for yourselves, each with a little description of each video just above it. Don’t forget to visit their fantastic website to take a closer look.

In this Jurassic Park T-Rex rehearsal footage, Stan Winston’s live-action dinosaur effects team puppeteers the full-sized Tyrannosaurus Rex animatronic as a warm up before shooting the unforgettable “Main Road Attack” scene in JURASSIC PARK.

A Stan Winston Studio animatronic raptor goes through a range of motions behind-the-scenes of JURASSIC PARK: THE LOST WORLD.

Special character effects artists test the Pteranodon suit used in the JURASSIC PARK 3:

Source: StanWinstonSchool

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