An exclusive online clip has been released, from the upcoming DETACHMENT – the new film directed by the man behind AMERICAN HISTORY X (1998), Tony Kaye.

DETACHMENT stars Adrien Brody as Henry Barthes, a substitute teacher who seems pretty jaded from his experiences in education. The film chronicles three weeks through Mr. Barthes’ eyes, giving us a view into his life (dealing with his dying father and a teenage prostitute he lets into his home) and the lives of other teachers and their students. So far, it sounds like Brody’s character hasn’t got much luck.

However, things may be looking far sunnier for Mr. Barthes, as he bonds with fellow teacher Ms. Madison, played by Christina Hendricks. In the short clip below, the two of them lament over not wanting to go home after their busy days with handfuls of stubborn students.

The film also stars James Caan (Mr. Seaboldt), Marcia Gay Harden (Principal Carol Dearden), Lucy Liu (Dr. Parker), Bryan Cranston (Richard Dearden), Blythe Danner (Ms. Perkins) and William Peterson (Sarge).

This film gives me very strong vibes of HALF NELSON (2006), the Ryan Fleck-directed drama starring Ryan Gosling, which also focused on a teacher going against children who don’t want to learn. Because of the ensemble cast and Brody’s melancholy character, I’ll be very interested to see what happens (especially since Kaye is directing) – hopefully there won’t be any curb-stomping involved!

DETACHMENT will be available in the US from Movies On Demand, Amazon Watch Instantly and iTunes (from 24th February, 2012) and will be released in US cinemas from 16th March, 2012.

Source: Tribeca