The mighty Pixar are following their fine tradition of producing a short that will screen before this summers BRAVE. They always seem to come up with something special that offers us a further insight into the imagination and creativity of the animation studio. LA LUNA is written and directed by Enrico Casarosa who previously worked on the beautiful UP and the underrated RATATOUILLE but this will be his first complete package.

LA LUNA is the tale of a young boy who’s stuck between the stubborn ways of his Papa and Grandpa, both expect Bambino (voiced by Krista Sheffler) to follow in their footsteps. One night, when Bambino joins his elders as they tend to the family business, he learns that the best way to be is try and be himself. Here’s your image and there’s more insight just below that:

And your video clip:

Source: StitchKingdom

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