Johnny Lee Miller (TRAINSPOTTING, PLUNKETT & MACLEANE) will assume the role of Sherlock Holmes in American update, ELEMENTARY.

Miller recently played the joint lead in Danny Boyle’s stage production of FRANKENSTEIN with a certain Benedict Cumberbatch, who himself is currently wowing global audiences with his own portrayal of The Great Detective. ELEMENTARY will also have a modern day setting, based inNew York. But surprisingly, this is not a straight remake of the BBC’s incredibly successful rendition.

This is a pilot for CBS written by Robert Docherty, who has writing credits for DARK ANGEL and TRU CALLING. So he sure knows his adventure television, but he has a hard act to follow with Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat’s recent adaptations of the classic Arthur Conan Doyle series.

Is it coincidence that CBS would commission a pilot of a modern day retelling or might they be trying to leech off the aforementioned show’s success? It’s elementary. And that’s the worst ending to an article I’ve ever written.

source: DEADLINE