There is no denying M. Night Shyamalan has had a bad run of directing efforts over recent years. After dropping jaws with spectacular twist finales in the likes of THE SIXTH SENSE, UNBREAKABLE, SIGNS and THE VILLAGE, Shyamalan’s box-office clout has dwindled significantly of late. After a string of duds – LADY IN THE WATER, THE HAPPENING and THE LAST AIRBENDER – film fans will be hoping his Will Smith led sci-fi epic AFTER EARTH will see the director back on top form.

A few days ago some images circled the net, showing Will Smith on the Costa Rican set, nothing major, more crew than anything else. However, here we have the first image of Smith’s son and co-star Jaden in costume, coming from the young star himself.

AFTER EARTH is due in cinemas 7th June 2013 and joining Will and Jaden Smith will be, Sophie Okonedo, Zoe Kravitz, Isabelle Fuhrman and David Denman.

Source: Jaden Smith/whospy