British artist-turned-filmmaker Steve McQueen followed his mesmerising debut HUNGER with film SHAME, an examination of the life of a 30-something New Yorker named Brandon (Michael Fassbender), a sex addict ravaged by his insatiable desires. With SHAME still haunting our minds and libidos almost a year later, THN takes a look at its favourite sex maniac films. But first a warning. If you believe in the influence of cinema to corrupt or if you suffer from a weak disposition we suggest you click away now.

Our first sex maniac film is in the ‘Nympho’ sense of the word. For those of you who have ever pondered that age old question – ‘How far does a girl have to go to untangle her tingle?’ – the answer is right here.


Released to an unsuspecting public in 1972. The star of the film, Linda Lovelace, frustrated at her inability unable to achieve orgasm, seeks advice from a doctor who soon discovers that by some freak of nature, her clitoris is actually located in her throat and, surprise, surprise, there’s only one human appendage that can reach that far. After the doc refuses to marry her, he gives her a job ‘treating’ his male patients until she finds the perfect groom.

This is the film that made porn respectable amongst the middle classes and many celebrities from Jack Nicholson to Truman Capote have confessed to enjoying its particular fruits.

The actress herself, Lovelace, whilst originally claiming to have enjoyed the filming in her first two biographies subsequently changed her mind and claimed she was held at gunpoint for most of the shoot. I doubt the truth will ever be known but one thing about Linda is certain, she’s responsible for a lot of sore tonsils.

Although the oldest film on the list it refuses to go away. The movie was seen as recently as 2008 when it aired uncut on Dutch TV to a staggering 907,000 viewers as part of a porno theme night, take note Channel 5.