For my money actor Vin Diesel has never bettered his role as serial-killing anti-hero Richard B. Riddick in the low-budget science-fiction sleeper hit PITCH BLACK (2000). A very bloated sequel entitled THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK (2004), took away any impact or depth the role originated and set the character up as a loveable action hero battling evil in another universe. Wiping the slate of his mysterious and deadly past intentions, because Hollywood cant have you rooting for a serial killer, right!

After Diesel and writer/director David Twohy promised the character would go back to basics, I for one was excited to see Riddick’s return to the big-screen. However, even with Diesel reported to have taken a significant pay cut in order to star in the latest outing, filming and production was shut down last month after budget problems. It now appears those problems have now been resolved and that filming will resume on the 28th of December currently working under the title of THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK: DEAD MAN STALKING.

Source: TMZ