Soon to be seen in Roland Emmerich’s Shakespeare conspiracy ANONYMOUS, actor Sam Reid has been cast in Alex Proyas’ PARADISE LOST. The film is based on John Milton’s 17th century poem about the war in heaven between battling angels that eventually lead to Lucifer being banished to hell.

This type of plot has been attempted a few times before (although never based on John Milton source material), the best being Gregory Widen’s THE PROPHECY (1995) a fantastic and enjoyable attempt at the idea of warring angels. A magnificent Christopher Walken appeared as the archangel Gabriel attempting to get to a hold of a deceased evil military colonel who was said to have the darkest soul of all. Viggo Mortensen also starred in a small scene-stealing turn as Lucifer. Four sequels soon followed but were all poor in comparison.

PARADISE LOST will star Bradley Cooper in the lead role of Lucifer, alongside Benjamin Walker, Djimon Hounsou, Camilla Belle, Casey Affleck and Dominic Purcell.

Source: Variety