Carell gets in shape

After another Emmy snub for his role as THE OFFICE’s Michael Scott, it seems Steve Carell has turned to the dark side. He will play John du Pont, millionaire, wrestling enthusiast and murderer in FOXCATCHER, the upcoming film by Bennett Miller (MONEYBALL).

du Pont’s story is a fascinating one: the heir to a great fortune, he transformed the grounds of his home into a facility for amateur wrestlers. Then, with seemingly no provocation, he shot and killed Olympic wrestler David Schultz, and lived out the rest of his life in prison. Carell has proved his acting ability on the small screen for seven years, and in films such as LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, but this is certainly a new direction for him. His LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE character was indeed fairly dark, so it is likely this sort of intensity and depth he’ll be looking to bring to this performance.

The screenplay is by E. Max Frye (BAND OF BROTHERS) and Dan Futterman, who worked with Miller on CAPOTE. This True Crime background should give Miller a leg up in dissecting a tricky subject; du Pont’s motivation was never clear, and it is entirely likely he was suffering from some form of mental illness. FOXCATCHER (the name of du Pont’s father’s racing stable) will most certainly be tricky to pull off, but with a cast and crew of such high quality, it could be one to watch, with a potentially career defining performance from Carell.

Source: Collider